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Smudge Pots

We are happy to announce a collaboration with Sarah Beth Pottery to offer you handcrafted smudge pots!  Each stoneware pot is one of a kind, and have been wheel-thrown, hand decorated, and glazed by Sarah Beth Elkins in her Texas studio. They feature a carved dip to rest your smudge bundle or stick, and some of them contain a "thumbprint" indentation to grasp and hold the pot comfortably.  *Each piece measures approximately 3.25" X 4", and will include a Botswana Agate tumbled stone. 

These smudge pots can also double as a container to burn incense or resins.  Should you choose to use in this way, it's advised to use self lighting charcoal tablets placed on top of sand that's been placed in the bottom for proper heat distribution.  These are top shelf dishwasher safe too!