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HOLY SMOKE / Ceremonial Botanicals



An herbal smoke blend to relax the body & expand the mind, enhanced with powerful plant allies recognized for their spiritual, euphoric, and clearing abilities. We can use the ritual* of smoking plants, through inhalation or simply burning them, to help relax the body and expand the mind. They prime the body for stillness, guide us through ceremony and the cultivation of our dreams.

ARTISAN FORMULA: Organic Rose Petals, wildcrafted Great Wester Sage, wildcrafted Mullein Leaf, organic Damiana, wildcrafted Spearmint, organic Calendula Flowers, organic Blue Lotus Flowers, organic Mugwort, organic Cornflowers, and wildcrafted Osha root.

*The Ritual (as suggested by Lunar Logic)
If used in moderation, smoking medicinal herbs can be a powerful tool for clearing bacterial build up and assisting the sinus in dealing with season allergies.

  • Break the herbs down with gentle fingertips and place them into your rolling paper or pipe.
  • Take pleasure.

Through experiential visualization, we create a sacred space to express our deepest desires and dreams, so too can our inner life be designed. Ceremonies are the way we remember to remember, and powerful plant medicine deepens our relationship with Spirit. As the younger siblings of Creation, humans have the least experience and the most to learn. We can look to our plant teachers for guidance, receive their wisdom, and experience the power of reciprocity.

  • Gather your favorite sacred items; a candle, feathers, brass bell, crystals, flowers, etc.
  • Clear your space of clutter.
  • Place a small amount of Holy Smoke herbs on a charcoal incense disk or incense burner.
  • Set an intention, then light the herbs before blowing the flame out so just the embers are glowing.
  • With both hands, bring the smoke into your heart, over your head and down the front and back of your body.
  • This is just a suggestion to begin your ritual, the rest is yours to create.

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