This policy pertains to our Live Instagram Sales only.  Our live sales are a great place to hang out with like-minded people while shopping for crystals and mineral specimens in the comfort of your home.  We offer a variety of items and showcase them up close in front of the camera. You'll often find new arrivals, and can expect some lives to be centered around specific themes.  We aim for it to be a fun time!  To take part in our Live Sales, follow us here. 

1. We label each item with a price, letter(s), or both.  To claim an item, please comment "Sold, Mine or Claim" or any other word that will signal to us that you want to purchase it.  Your comment must include the price and letter, if applicable.

2. Claims will be awarded to those that have commented correctly(as stated above) and show up first on OUR feed.  We will verbally acknowledge who claimed the item.  Due to varying internet connections, your comments may show up first on your screen, however we must award based on what we see first on our screen.

3.  If you claim an item, you are expected to purchase it. This ensures fairness to all participants who may have wanted the same item. We ask that you refrain from trading or swapping items during the sale for the same reason.  Please reach out to us after the sale if you have any questions or requests as we may be able to accommodate.

4.  Invoices for Live Sales are currently made into a custom listing and placed in the Instagram Sales area of the shop, and are typically available within 24-48 hours after the sale ends.  We ask that invoices be paid within 24hrs of receipt. Simply find your listing, add it to your cart and check out regularly. Should you want to make an additional purchase, all items can be checked out together.  You will receive a tracking number once your package ships.

5. Please reach out to us immediately if you notice an error in your listing so that we can resolve it in a timely manner. We request all inquiries be sent via email to  We attempt to confirm claims, however live sale volume dictates when this can and can't be done.  Again, if you notice an error, please reach out

7.  We have partnered with Afterpay for payment plans. Payment plan acceptance is not guaranteed. Please refer to Afterpay for more information.

Please contact us with any additional questions or concerns.