Mountain Hollow Crystals

Baltic Amber Sterling Silver Ring (see listing for sizes)


Ethically Sourced Genuine Baltic Amber Set in .925 Sterling Ring - See below for size availability

Baltic Amber is the highest quality Amber in the world, with more than 250 different natural shades available on the market. 

Amber is an amorphous, hardened material made from a mixture of organic compounds including carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. More than 40 other compounds, including succinic acid, potassium, sodium, iron and others occur in Amber mixtures, and have combined over time with the preserved resin of ancient pine trees. Some types of Amber are found in the Earth, but others have been loosened from rocks or soil and are carried by the ocean to end up on or near the shoreline. The Baltic coast region bordering Germany, Poland, and Russia is an important Amber source.

CareAmber can melt or burn when exposed to high temperatures.  Avoid storing in heat or strong light, as it will accelerate the natural darkening process or damage it. Avoid rough handling, heat, or chemicals, as it can be partially dissolved by solvents and alcohol. Never use a mechanical or steam cleaning system - clean Amber jewelry using a damp cloth and warm water with only mild detergent.

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