Mountain Hollow Crystals

Chakra Balancing Crystal Grid Set/ Gridding Set / Intention Manifestation


Chakra balancing crystal grid set. Manifestation grid for to align and balance the chakras. 

Set includes:
6” Birch wood grid with Chakra Flower of Life design
4  Rare Natural Tumbled Topaz
1 Tumbled Clear Quartz
1 Tumbled Amethyst
1 Tumbled Sodalite
1 Tumbled Green Aventurine
1 Tumbled Gold Tiger Eye
1 Tumbled Banded Carnelian
1 Tumbled Red Jasper
10 mini terminated Quartz points
Complimentary White Sage Bundle and Selenite stick for cleansing and programming your grid

Pictured are examples of the items you’ll receive in this set.


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