Mountain Hollow Crystals

***New*** Chalcopyrite with Bornite & Quartz Hearts

$12 $15

New combination in polished form! Chalcopyrite, Bornite, and Quartz from Peru. The patterns hold a celestial feel to me…. what do you see?
Bornite quickly tarnishes to an iridescent purple/blue color upon contact with oxygen and moisture in the environment. These minerals are often associated with Covellite, and you may notice some similarities, especially in those that have more of a blue iridescence. We did have testing performed (see photos) and the specimen sent did not show it’s presence (but some may have inclusions) and as such these also don’t come with the hefty price tag often seen with the former.

each heart measures approx 40mm at widest point. 

*one will be intuitively chosen for you

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