Mountain Hollow Crystals

Black Tourmaline/Schorl Cluster

$35 $65

Stunning black tourmaline specimens! More information can be found below specific to these pieces! 

65g; approx 45mm x 47mm

Although Namibia is known to have beautiful Black Tourmaline/Schorl specimens, we got our hands on those found from what our supplier has fondly named the “The Water Pocket”.(see story below on how this name came to be) In addition to amazing terminations and etchings, some of these clusters contain feldspar, smokey quartz, or are coated with UV reactive Hyalite Opal - interesting pieces for any collection! 

“The issue of water and resources is important in a desert. Erongo Mountain is in the centre of the Namib Desert. The small scale miners we work with can spend weeks digging up on the mountain. Supplies have to be walked in and with elevation and distance, it is a challenge. With some luck the miners found a small spring on Erongo Mountain, close to where they were working. They were able to drink the water and after some digging hit a pocket which released 40 litres splashing down on them. The crystals inside were black tourmaline and smokey quartz. The pocket was named “The Water Pocket".”

Locale: Erongo Mountain Region, Namibia

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