Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary

GUIDED BY STARS / Dream Sensorium Brew Herbal Tea


A veil of Blue Lotus Flowers and Valerian Root, lent symmetry by sweet Lemongrass and the breath of Spearmint, give way to the sacred act of drifting to your deepest dreams and rising ready for a new day. This enchanted brew is a brilliant shade of blue, reflecting a heightened awareness of this sacred dream tea. As it enhances third eye function and calls upon the dream world, it quiets the nervous system into deep relaxation. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice transforms its color to a deep violet, lifting you into the quintessence before floating off to a blissful slumber.

ACTIONS + Calms and cools the nervous system + Comforts the mind and body + Inspires lucid dreaming + Lifts the mood and spirit + Provokes thoughtful meditation

FLAVOR & AROMA Fresh, light, and comforting accented by warm spice.

FORMULA: *Organic *Lemonbalm, *Spearmint, *Chamomile, *Blue Lotus Flowers, *Butterfly Pea Flowers, *Cardamom, *Blue Cornflowers, and *Valerian Root. SIZE: 80g Loose Leaf Tea

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