Mountain Hollow Crystals

Hag Stones / Witch Stones / Adder Stones


Magical Hag Stones! 

These all natural stones were found on the beaches near Sanibel Island in Southwest Florida. Hole sizes vary within each stone. 

Hag Stones, also called Adder Stones, Witches Stones, Holey Stones and a myriad of other names have been around in folk magic, fairytale, and lore for centuries…most notably throughout Celtic cultures. Commonly used as talismans or amulets, their uses have ranged from protection and fertility spells to finding fairy folk, seeing into the future, and warding off negativity. So many legends abound!

3 sizes available. *one will be intuitively chosen for you. 

Small: approx 1”

Medium: approx 1.5”

Large: approx 2”-4”


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