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How to Feel Better: A Beginner’s Guide to Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Well-being

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Zine / pamphlet / workbook

How to Feel Better
is a 7-day, intensive attunement course designed to help you find everlasting satisfaction from the infinite source of well being within you. 

How you feel is your choice. Your emotions are your body’s response to the thoughts you are thinking. Your thoughts are the only thing that could ever make you feel bad. Therefore, to feel a different way, you must only find a better-feeling thought, or stop thinking all together.

Often we can find better-feeling thoughts by acknowledging the way we currently feel, then taking the time to identify how we would prefer to feel. The “bad” parts of life happen so we can ask for the “good”. Without the negative, we would have no way of experiencing the positive. When we acknowledge the way we feel and focus on the solution instead of the problem, well being begins to flow again. Five of the exercises in this workbook help you find better-feeling thoughts: “Wouldn’t it be nice?”, “Positive Aspects”, “Self-doubt Alchemy”, “Two Wings to Fly”, and “Funny Haha”.

Sometimes, finding a better-feeling thought is too hard because we get so wrapped up in our negative thoughts. When that happens, there are easy ways to step outside of your mind into the present moment, where everything is fun and there is nothing to worry about. The exercises “The Less Fucks You Give...” and “Silent Counting” can help you access that blissful, thought-free space called the Now.

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