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Lucine Tarot - Twilight Edition


What is The Lucine Tarot?

Lucine is an Armenian word, meaning Moon. This tarot deck is about the natural cycles of our life. How we evolve, change, and grow from our experiences, the same way the moon is in an ever-changing natural cycle. The phases of the moon are symbolic, and remind us that through each life experience, we must also go through our own personal growth and development.

In a subtle and powerful way, Lucine reminds us that all things on earth are ever-changing and growing. Just like the moon, from the thinnest sliver of light to a large luminous orb suspended majestically, then slowly fading back to nothing.

In the
Twilight Edition of Lucine Tarot, the gorgeous moon is set against the alabaster sky. This is the moment of the morning twilight. Right before sunrise. This edition was created to remind us that sometimes it is within the first sight of lightness that we are given information from our higher selves. It is the moment that our own inner wisdom brings the information forward. In this gorgeous edition, the details and the edges are gilded in holographic foil.

Creator: Lisa Santine

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