Wildland Organics

"Lunar Mist" Hand Sanitizer by Wildland Organics - 10mL (purse size)

$3.60 $6
This viral-fighting, 72% Organic Alcohol formula promises to not only help protect your immune system, but also to support your nervous system with a calming, soothing blend of herbal extracts & essential oils.

- Exceeds CDC guidelines for effectiveness - boasting 72% organic ethyl alcohol as the active ingredient and 95% organic ingredients overall.

- Organic Aloe Juice & Vegetable Glycerin to hydrate and help your skin retain moisture.

- White Willow Bark to promote healthy skin cell turnover.

- Organic Oatstraw Extract to help improve mood and relieve stress.

- Essential Oils of Lavender, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, & Palo Santo provide a natural boost of calming, antimicrobial cleansing power.

The Experience: At first spray - the aroma is light & fragrant, leaving behind an elegant and nuanced lavender scent finish with a silky skin feel. Due to the highest quality organic alcohol used, there is no overwhelming scent of alcohol like you may have experienced with other sanitizers.

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