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Moon to Moon: A Journal for Working with the Lunar Cycle

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By Britten LaRue

Moon to Moon: A Journal for Working with the Lunar Cycle is a manual and workbook for teaching self-care, inner child healing, and spiritual reparenting through the framework of the lunar cycle, astrology, alchemy, and the tarot. 

At over 160 pages, Moon to Moon is full of wisdom about intuition, personal magic, healing the inner child, and ways of framing the Moon in astrology and the tarot. There is a section covering the phases of the lunar cycle and how to work with each for nourishing growth and healing. And most importantly there is a section with guided practices across four lunar cycles (months), one for each element. 

Gorgeously designed in stark black and white by Angela George of By George Partners, the book is as sumptuous as it is user-friendly. The current edition sold here has been expanded and re-worked since the original printing to cover more topics and offer more resources.


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