Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary

MYSTIC / Third Eye Drops (Herbal Tincture)

Cleansing is a vital starting point to awaken our Third Eye. An effective yet gentle tonic purifies the Pineal Gland and readies it for expansion and metaphysical connection. Born of ancestral knowledge and plant intelligence, Mystic features powerful plant allies that support your body's detoxification process, encouraging newfound awareness and spiritual enhancement. ACTIONS + Encourages awareness and spiritual enhancement + Calms nervous tension + Chases away melancholy + Aids in pineal gland decalcification + Awakens intuition + Evokes vivid dreams + Nervous system restorative + Mood support ARTISAN FORMULA: *Rosemary, *Peppermint, *Lemonbalm, *Blue Lotus, Mugwort, Holy Basil, Red Reishi Mushroom, *Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, *Calamus Root. Extracted in artesian well cane spirits, spring water, and *vegetable glycerin. *organic

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