Mountain Hollow Crystals

Polarity Moonstone (Nepheline/Albite) Palm Stones


✨Commercially known and trademarked as Polarity Moonstone, and even Cat's Eye Apatite, this beautiful stone is technically neither Moonstone nor Apatite! Contrary to popular belief, I know. We've submitted one from our lot for testing, and the results are in! ✨
The chemical composition actually makes it a naturally occuring Nepheline-Syenite, consisting primarily of Nepheline and Albite. Nepheline is a Feldspathoid (a what???) Feldspathoids resemble feldspars but have a different structure and much lower silica content.
The white matrix consists of Albite, the brown-grey and often chatoyant area is Nepheline-Kalsilite, and the black is Amphibole (likely Hornblende along with minor traces of Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, and Titanium) Swipe to see the analysis report.

Each of these Palm Stones varies in composition, with most having little to no Albite Matrix visible (see above). They measure 58-65mm and weigh approx 130grams

*one will be intuitively chosen for you. Feel free to request coloring preferences and we’ll do our best to accommodate if possible. 

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