Mountain Hollow Crystals

“Plant & Garden Crystals”/1.5lb (Tumbled)


We lovingly refer to these assorted second quality** tumbled stones as plant & garden crystals! Give your houseplants or gardens some beauty and crystal energy! Always deeply discounted and based on variety of stones  that are included. 

These bags are larger (4”x6”) than we’ve offered in the past and are stuffed full. This batch includes primarily moonstone, citrine, clear Quartz, smoky quartz,  red jasper and amethyst. You may also find phosphosiderite, lithium quartz, aquamarine, fluorite, lepidolite,  agate and more

*photos shown include actual examples of our newest batch. Bags contain assorted stones that we scoop at random. 

**keep in mind these are not top notch tumbles that we regularly offer in the shop. We always inspect our tumbles individually and if they don’t meet our standards to sell on their own, we hold them aside for this purpose. 

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