Mountain Hollow Crystals

Rare Clinozoisite with Epidote and Diopside Matrix

$85 $120


approx 84mm x 50mm x 45mm

Clinozoisite is part of the Epidote Group of minerals - silicates that share common structural and compositional characteristics. The "Epidote Group" is not to be confused with Epidote, which is the most common mineral within this group. To be more specific, the amount of Iron present in the chemical formula determines it's classification.  Epidote and Clinozoisite are both end-members of a solid solution series - Think of it this way...Epidote has a higher concentration of Iron and becomes Clinozoisite as that Iron is gradually replaced by aluminum.

Clinozoisite can be colourless, green, grey, light green, yellow-green, pale brownish, green-brown, or pink as seen in our specimens. The pink color is due to the presence of manganese. 

Locale: Scardu, Pakistan


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