Mountain Hollow Crystals

Hemimorphite (Tumbled)

$3.50 $4.50

Associated with the Storm element and aligning with the heart, throat, and higher chakras. I’ve included an excerpt from The Book of Stones below:
‘ Hemimorphite manifests the energy of well-being on many levels. It brings balance to the auric field, dissolving and dispelling dark spots of negativity or weakness. It affects the emotional body in very positive ways, bringing in a vibration of joy which does not deny life’s unavoidable incidents of grief and sorrow. In fact, Hemimorphite’s energy tends to blend joy and sorrow into a single flow of compassionate emotional involvement and empathy, for oneself and others’

Sold individually.

Each piece measures approximately 0.75”-1.00”.

*One will be intuitively chosen for you.

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