Mountain Hollow Crystals

“Shangaan” Amethyst/ Zimbabwe Amethyst (Lot 1)


“Shangaan” Amethyst from Zimbabwe are a mixture of amethyst, clear quartz & smoky quartz and often contain hematite inclusions. Most of these here contain hematite needle inclusions and have scepters, elestial and skeletal formations, twins, DT’s, phantoms + more and often a combination of many.

I’m happy to say that we sourced beautiful Amethyst from Mateke, Chibuku Mine, Zimbabwe! Our vendor has the distinction of co-creating the trade name, “Shangaan Amethyst” along with Chief Gezani of Chiredzi South, the leader of the Gezani Communal Land. Zimbabwe has not been spared from concerns over both the environmental impacts and labor practices resulting from mining operations in recent years. However, I’ve learned that the Shangaan people are dedicated to the preservation and protection of their environment and community - They have rules in place that ensure all holes in the land are re-filled and that if trees are cut, multiple trees are planted to replace each one that’s been cut. There’s true partnership and cooperation from the mining of the crystals to their marketing and sales. The Shangaan’s I’m offering here are part of that effort and I’m confident that everyone and everything involved in their production is treated with fairness and respect.

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