Mountain Hollow Crystals

Sunset River Travertine Slab


New Discovery! …from Peru. Check out these beautiful slabs that resemble sunsets!  These are considered a type of Travertine…comprised almost entirely of calcite with iron that’s causing the red coloration. ♥️ 🧡 💛.
Travertine is similar to limestone but with greater density. It’s formed by mineral deposits from natural springs…specifically by a rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate (Calcite). Other minerals often combine which aids in creating distinct patterns.

These would make great little decor pieces if placed on a stand. Front and back are polished, and edges were left natural.

Choose your slab:

A- 2.1”x2.1”  (1.6oz)

B- 1.88”x1.92” (1.25oz)

C- 3.3”x2.18” (2.6oz)

D-3.2”x 2.16” (2.1oz)

E- 3.3”x 2.2” (2oz)


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