Metaphysical Goods - Chosen with Intention

About Us

Welcome to Mountain Hollow Crystals!  We are a husband and wife operation based out of our Connecticut home. Our intent is to provide you with thoughtfully chosen, quality metaphysical tools and goods to assist and light the way as you follow your path to Healing, Love, and Wisdom.

We take pride in hand-selecting our offerings to bring you some of the best crystals and minerals for your needs. Specializing in an ever-growing selection of tumbled stones, we believe they are they best way to have diverse crystal healing options at your fingertips! You’ll also find a variety of smudging tools and supplies, oracle card decks, apothecary items and more! 

~ Jessica & Jeremy

What You'll Find Here

We offer an eclectic mix and a "little bit of everything". Simple descriptions* (and the occasional interesting fact!) have been added to our product pages whenever possible. However, we have opted to refrain from providing metaphysical properties with the exception of element and chakra associations. There's an abundance of metaphysical information out there, and we would prefer to leave you to your own interpretations. *Mineral descriptions sourced in part from 'The Book of Stones' by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian.

We offer FREE shipping within the U.S. with a minimum $150.00 order. Please review our shipping and return policies prior to making your purchase, and note that we gladly refund excessive shipping charges if we are able to save you money using a USPS Flat-Rate option.