Our Inspiration

Metaphysical meets Bohemian

Imagine a place where Metaphysical and Bohemian inspired lifestyles merge. There’s flora, fauna, wood and stone. Classical element themes of Earth, Air, Fire & Water, and all things celestial, artsy, and comfortable abound...A place for the free-spirited to be authentically themselves.

This is Mountain Hollow Crystals­®

Our Intention

Every item we offer has been thoughtfully chosen with the intent to add value and enrichment to your life and surroundings. These quality crystals and goods, we hope, will enliven the nature lover and dreamer within you!

Your satisfaction is important to us. We welcome your feedback, ideas, and suggestions!

Our Values

We recognize the importance of ethical sourcing, which is why we want you to know that we do our very best to consciously source. We have taken the stance that we’d rather pay a higher cost for goods processed with higher standards, even if this means we may not be able to offer large quantities of any one item - but what we do offer, we feel good about. We also hand-select our products whenever possible to ensure only goods of the highest quality find their way to you!

We love to support artists, makers and other small businesses, and you'll see that represented throughout what we offer.

Our Eco-Friendly Mission

We use eco-friendly packaging wherever possible. Green-Wrap is used instead of traditional bubble wrap and kraft paper is used for void fill. We’ve also switched to recycled content bubble mailers with a tear strip and dual peel-and-seal, which will allow them to be reused at least once before being recycled again, and we always recycle packaging that’s mailed to us!

We believe in lessening our Carbon Footprint, and as a Cloverly partner, we offer you an option to purchase Carbon Shipping Offsets. We’ve written more about this partnership in a blog post below. Check it out!

Featured product


Lunar Logic Wild Apothecary


Adorned with tangy sweet Hibiscus flowers, Harvest Moon nourishes the spirit with notes of earthy florals, herbaceous mineral-rich leaves, and the exotic warmth of Star Anise. An energizing blend of nutritive herbs, warming spices and restorative plant medicine lifts your spirit and energy level with a surge of vital vitamins and minerals. This blend of herbs supports adrenal function, tissue regeneration, and fatigue. As your tea ritual changes from day to day, we encourage you to approach it with mindfulness and care. Go as deep as you like. It is always there for you! ACTIONS + Daily vitamin and mineral boost + Nourishes and remineralizes the body + Nutritionally hydrates the body + Rejuvenating properties + Alkalizing to the body pH FLAVOR Tangy and sweet with an exotic spice finish. ARTISAN FORMULA: *Organic Hibiscus Flowers, *Rose Petals, *Star Anise, *Nettle Leaf, *Red Raspberry Leaf, *Plantain, *Rose Hips, *Alfalfa, *Horsetail Herb SIZE: 80g Loose Leaf Tea


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Our Cloverly Partnership

Our Cloverly Partnership

Lessening our Carbon Footprint is important to us! We focus on providing eco-friendly packaging, and naturally started considering the effects of s...

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