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Bath & Body Rituals

Here you will find various offerings to compliment your bathing and self care rituals such as Full Moon and New Moon Bath Salts, Bath Bombs, Mists, and Body Oils.  

We carry items from both Species by The Thousands and Luna + Quartz. Please see below for more information on these amazing brands.

“Luna + Quartz was started as a way to infuse our intuitive healing powers with plant and crystal allies. We strive to align body, spirit, and mind by harnessing the untapped energy of the moon, universe, and planetary alignments when making our products. Plant magic melds crystal infusion for maximum earth healing power. We source organic, sustainably grown, and ethically harvested plants and oils. We solar + crystal infuse our goods for 6 weeks before blending and incorporating a little intention and magic. In addition, all products are Reiki infused to further enhance the universal light that lies within yourself and our products.”*courtesy of Luna + Quartz

‘Species by The Thousand is a Brooklyn based brand, inspired and informed by outsider worlds, the mysterious unknown, nature and folk magic.’ All products are handmade in NYC.
* courtesy of Species by The Thousands



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